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Spectacle Lenses​

We only use the most technically advanced lens products available from the best lens companies such as Hoya, Zeiss and Cr Surfacing. We expect the highest standards of accuracy in lens grinding from our suppliers, and achieve that through careful final stage checking of the finished product.


Visit Hoya Lens Australia website and CR Surfacing Australia to find out more about our lenses.

Progressive Lenses
Materials and coatings

There are hundreds of Progressive addition lens designs on the Australian Optical market. The best designs are produced by our preferred lens companies Hoya and CR Surfacing and are often referred to as Multi-focal lenses. Your vision will be optimised for distance, intermediate and near. You will be assisted in choosing the best lenses for you by our trained Optical Dispensers.

Hard coatings are applied to lens base materials to provide scratch resistance. Multi-coatings (also known as anti-reflective coatings) reduce reflections on the lenses front and back surfaces. At Donvale Optical we have witnessed how our chosen suppliers coatings stand up to the daily tests of life.  As well as reducing reflections, the multi-coatings we use are scratch resistant, hydrophobic, dust resistant, reduce glare and block harmful UV rays.

Single Vision Lenses
Sun Lenses

Our single vision lenses are the best quality stock and specially ground products available. These include aspheric  designs to minimise distortions and thin mid, high and super high index materials.

We can provide prescription sun lenses in most lens designs Single vision, Progressive lenses and even Bifocals.

These lenses can be tinted a wide array of colours and densities to suit all applications from the great out doors to indoor computer use. In addition most lenses can be made with polarization for greater glare reduction off water and road surfaces.

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